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Short Film Nights - Screening Archive

SEPTEMBER 11th, 2008

IMOGEN (18 min)
Logline: In a post apocalyptic world, a young man fights to return the perception of color back to a dying society, which has become overrun by Imogen, a color enhancing drug harvested from humans.
Cast: Brittany Lower (NU), Christopher Ahern (NU), Jon Schmidt (NU), and Sharina Martin (NU)
Director: Matthew Tomko (NU)

AWAVEN (14 min)

Logline: Plagued by famine and fatigue, the Captain of a ship lost at sea is beginning to lose hope for the fate of his crew. After months of waiting back on land, the Captain's wife begins to take matters into her own hands.
Director: Vanessa Soberanis (NU)

THE SUPER DELEGATE - Episode #5 Meet the Parents (5 min)
Cast: Joe Price (NU)
Director/Writer: Carol Miller

684 BREWSTER (14 min)

Logline: A woman contemplates murder to deal with her philandering husband, a star struck daughter, and her job as a grocery store checkout clerk during one winter in upstate NY.
Director: Marcus Cohlan (NU)

THE 4th SYSTEM (8 min)

Logline: The 4th System is an experimental and nonlinear science fiction film that follows the crew of a colonial spaceship headed for disaster.
Director: Bruce Monach (NU)

FACELIFT (10 min)

Logline: A shy and reclusive accountant's life is forever changed after a fully-formed, talking 'face' grows on his stomach.
Writer/Director: Andrew Laurich
Producer/Executive Producer: Greg Corbin
Cast: Peter Spruyt (NU), Michael Cotter (NU)


JUNE 5th, 2008

RESOLVED (25 min)

Logline: One Topic. Two Sides. Three Teams. An Entire Year. Resolved.

Cast: James Crotty (NU), Ryan Moore, Christian Vargas, Hector Rivera, Jordan Lewis, Carlos Quiroz

Writer/Producer: James Crotty

Directors: Alex Kosene and James Crotty

Editors: Sami Mustaklem and Alex Kosene

MOTIVATION by Red Circle Underground (3 min)
Logline: The life of a rockstar, from fame and fortune to old age and solitude.
Director and Producer:  James Kapner (NU)
Producers:  Seth Bartholomew, Gavin Cahill (NU
Director of Photography:  Dustin Pearlman (NU)
Playback:  Dave Vorhes (NU)
Cast: Seth Bartholomew

FOUR SHORTS by Paul Jury (8 min)
Sarah & Jeff's Wedding - The Horror Trailer
Two friends asked us to edit their wedding video... they didn't say into what.
Writer and Editor: Paul Jury (NU)
Earth Day PSA - Earth Day is for liberal hippie douches.  Here's the far superior alternative.
Writers: Paul Jury & Sam Greenspan(NU),Director: Paul Jury
Cast: Jack English and Kevin Nealon
The Breakup Poem  -  Learn the styles of poetry while breaking up with your sweetheart this Valentine's Day.
Writer and Director: Paul Jury
Cast: Blake Silver (NU) and Tracy Mulholland (NU)
28 Days & 28 Nights Later  - 40 Days & 40 Nights meets 28 Weeks Later. 
Writer and Director: Paul Jury, Producer: Sam Greenspan
Cast: David Phillips, Zoe Simpson, Blake Silver, Cassie Jay, Nikita Ramsey and Jade Ramsey

MOVING IN (14 min)

Logline: Brad and Scotty's lifelong friendship is put to the test when Brad's fiance Tina moves in for good.
Writer: Dan Krier (NU)
Director:  Jeff Stephenson
Cast: Paul Bartholomew, Jeremy Kent Jackson, Elizabeth Ann Bennett

SARANG SONG (23 min)
Logline: A love story of two women set amidst the politically and socially turbulent times of the early 1970s, their love is tested when one is thrust into the student protest movement and is forced to make a choice – will she choose her love, or will she choose the movement?
Writer/Director: Tamika Miller (NU) 
Producers: Tamika Miller, Adisa Khepra
Cast: Lalanya Masters, Caryn War

PRIUS & LEO (3 min)
Logline: Two slackers accidentally watch An Inconvenient Truth, freak out, and decide to stop global warming.
Writer: Matt Pohlson
Director: Josh Greenbaum
Producers: AJ Tesler (NU), Dan Levy, Matt Pohlson
Cast: Ravi Patel, Matt Pohlson, Mircea Monroe, Jay Montepare, Rachel Germaine

THREE SHORTS with Naomi Grossman (10 min)

Men at Work - Cat-calling construction workers make lunch an ordeal.

Writers /Cast: Naomi Grossman (NU) & Michaela Watkins
Featuring: Marcus Folmar (NU) and VO by Vargus Mason

Yes - The Temp who lasts all of 22 minutes.
Writers/Cast: Naomi Grossman & Dennis Hemphill

Forget About It - Date with a cell phone addict

Writers/Cast: Naomi Grossman & Jerry Buszek
All Directed by: Joshua M. Dragotta

All Sound by: Jay Verkamp; All Edited by: Joshua Fong

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March 19th, 2008

VISIT (8 min)
Chicago Collegiate Film Festival 2003
Logline: A little boy visits his grandmother.
Director: Brad Bosley (NU)
Producer: Cynthia Wang (NU)
DP: John Ruggiero (NU)
Gaffer: Osato Dixon (NU)
Sound Recorder: Arzu Sak (NU)
Cast: Dean Alexander Karfis, Jane McCarty, Liana Karfis

Trail Dance Film Festival, Show Off Your Shorts, Accolade, Indie Fest USA
Logline: A tale of a perfect couple trying to set up their two angry best friends.  When they encounter strong resistance, they remain determined to play cupid.
Writer/Producer: Aaron Denius, Oren Rehany
Cast: Molly Fix (NU)

FAST AS YOU CAN  (10 min) 
Independent Lens on PBS, Trail Dance Film Festival, Buffalo Niagara Film Festival, Delray Beach Film Festival, Rincon International Film Festival, Puerto Rico
Logline: A battle of wills ensues between Cara and Kent after a one night stand.
Directors: Marcus Cohlan (NU), Madeline Merritt (NU)
Producers: Marcus Cohlan & Zachary Johnson
Script: Taylor Brown
Cast: Charles Perry & Heather Tyler


Logline: Myths are marked by stories. Saints are marked by Blood. Young Xavier, admires a Saint like mythical ghost from his country called El Santo Azul who rescues kids from being kidnapped. At the height of his admiration, he discovers that some myths may be a reality.
Director: Fabio Ortega (NU)

TAKE A NUMBER (12 min)

Logline: A high school guidance counselor who tells students they will fail in life has his world shaken when a former student discovers the cure for eczema.
Writer/Director: Robert Boesel  (NU)
Cast: Thomas Edison McElroy, Alex Beh

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November 29th, 2007

BARBERSHOP (2.5 min)
Director: Robert Boesel
Logline: A customer enters a peculiar barbershop for a haircut
Director: Robert Boesel
Writer: Annie Levine
Cast: Robert Boesel, Dan Millstein, Tim McGovern, Chuck Filipov, Eli Goodman

Trailer: GOING ATTRACTIONS (2 min)
Logline: Trailer for a documentary film about the rise and fall of drive-in movie theaters.
Writer/Director: April Wright (NU)
Editor: Damien Michael Smith
Voice Over: Brian McNamara

PIG’S EAR (9.5 min)
Logline: 1970, remote Appalachia: A stubborn, elderly woman and her oppressed son treat two public health workers to an unusual form of Southern Hospitality.
Writer: Gayla Kraetsch-Hartsough (NU)
Producer: Connie Siu (NU)
Cast: Julie Alexander (NU)

ATTIC (3 min)
Logline: A brother and sister decide to go into the attic after constantly hearing they shouldn't from their father.
Director: Robert Boesel
Writer: Jimmy Chang
Cast: Sean Quadlin, Rebecca Warm, Govind Kumar

WAITING (11.5 min)

Logline: A young man ventures West in search of something new.
Director/Co-Writer: James Kapner (NU)
Co-Writer/Cast: Mike Feinberg
Cast: Josh Fingerhut (NU), Eric Svendsen (NU)

Logline: What do you do when the biggest movie star in the world won’t leave your party?
Director: Richie Keen (NU)
Writers, Producers, and Starring: Ed Stein and Ross Kohn
Starring: Evan Ferrante as Tom Cruise, Karla Cavelli as Sarah whatever your name is.

SWITCH (12 min)
Logline: A man becomes the object of a global tug of war between telecoms.
Director: Jeremy Saville
Cast: Sarah Lilly (NU)

Writer/Director: Heath Corson (NU)

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August 23rd, 2007

DP on all: Dustin Perlman (NU)

Heinz Ketchup - ‘Wine is Overrated’
Directors: Luke Howard/L.B. Brodie
Cast: Zach Gold, Tamara Kagel (NU)
Composer: Sean Schafer Hennessy (NU)

Tazo Tea - ‘Relax’
Director: Brantley Bissette
Cast: Cameron Weir
Composer: Jonathan Kranz

Coors Brewing Co. - ‘Good night, Coors’
Directors: Rory Kozoll/Dustin Pearlman (NU)
Cast: Lorne Hughes, Georgia Hatzis
Composer: Sean Schafer Hennessy (NU)
Bank of America - ‘Live Free’
Director/DP: Dustin Pearlman (NU)
Cast: Andrea Otteson (NU)

THE DOREEN EPISODES (18 min total)
Logline: If actions speak louder than words, then this woman’s actions are unheard of! Meet Doreen Nagle, citizen activist.
Director/Producer: Mason Bendewald
Cast: Liz Lytle (NU)

RUSHED (14 min)
Northwestern University Student Film Festival, North by Northwestern University Film Festival, New Castle Community Television Festival

Logline: A controversial documentary short exploring the inner workings of the sorority recruitment process at Northwestern University.
Director: Marcus Cohlan
Cast: Allie Silver (NU), Paige Mackey (NU)

THE RENTAL  (9 min) 
Culver City Academy of Visual & Performing Arts
Logline: Two guys on a mission to rent a mystery movie.
Director: Jeff Goebert
Executive Producer: James Bentley
Cast:Nicole Stewart (NU), Jonathan Farnsworth, Will Doughty

Logline: A evil DJ tries to wipe out a race of microscopic people living in his records, but one tiny resident fights back.
Writer/Director: Owen Hammer (NU)
Producers: Casey Suchan (NU), Denis Henry Hennelly, Lance W. Lanfear, Casey Suchan
Cast: Matthew Timms (NU), Dorothy Dillingham (NU), Peter Alton (NU), Patton Oswalt, Dennis Gubbins, Matthew Timms, Bryna Biddinger, Colleen L. Kelly, David Alan Graf
Off-Line Editor/Co-Writer: Joel Watson (NU)
On-Line Editor: Gregory Nussbaum (NU)
Director of Photography: Al Lopez
Visual Effects Supervisor: Doug Beswick


Logline: Inspired by “Gift of the Magi”, a grandmother and granddaughter sell their most treasured possession in order to buy the other a birthday gift.  In the granddaughter’s quest for the perfect gift, she discovers her grandmother’s rich and unique history.
Writer/Director/Producer: Tamika Miller (NU)
Cast: Irma P. Hall, Rishonda Napier, J. Karen Thomas, Colette Divine

TRUE LOVE (5 min)
YouTube Link
Logline:  Todd searches for his one true love, for better or worse...
Director:  Brandon Lott
Writer/Cast: Scott Speiser (NU)

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June 14th, 2007

Made during RIPFest 2004
Logline: Musical comedy - A forbidden office romance goes awry with some pills and a ukelele.
Director: Chris Grant
Writer: Trista Baldwin
DP/Camera: Brian O'Carrol
Editor: David Fuhrer
Cast: Ruth Gerson, Dana Snyder
Producer: Scott Ihrig
Executive Producer/Composer: David Rodwin (NU)

SCALPEL (15 min)
Logline: Where is the case? Jack has ten minutes until they shoot Cynthia and throw her off a cliff.
Writer/Director/Editor: Donavon Thomas
Co-Producer/UPM: April Wright (NU)
Cast: Donavon Thomas, Marie Rousso, Patrick Hume, Eric Clark

Logline: After receiving a threatening card in the mail, two stoner roommates delve into their knowledge of their favorite television series, CSI to prepare themselves for the evil that awaits them.
Writer/Director/Producer: Kevin Shuster
Producers: Kyle Lundberg, Lara Wickes
DP: David Warshaw
Editor: Philip Crippen (NU)
Cast: Randy Tobin, Gary Gunter, Therese Joaquin

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March 12th, 2007

EXIT, CLOWNY! (18 min)
Official Selection of the LA International Shorts Festival 2005

Logline: Clowny participates in an exit interview that won't soon be forgotten. And you thought your boss was a clown.
Director: JJ Hickey
Writer: Brett Neveu
Cast: Julie Alexander (NU), Harry Edelman, Eric Johnson

Logline: Ever seen one of those infomercials that guarantees to make your life better?  This isn't one of them.
Writer/Director: Owen Hammer (NU)
Producer/Editor: Craig Kuehne
Cast: Paul Vaillancourt (NU)
Music: Aaron Campos

Logline: A hyper-motivated business woman has designs on a lethargic waitress.
Writer/Director: Owen Hammer (NU)
Producer: Lance W. Lanfear
Editor: Craig Kuehne
Cast: Carrie Clifford and Lindsey Stoddart


Logline: Solving a murder is rough. Solving your own is rougher.
Writer/Producer/Executive Producer: Andy Wolf (NU)
Writer/Director/Executive Producer: Flemming Erik Carlson
Cast: Bill Jones, Michael McGill, Jennifer Piper, Kathi Copeland, Peter Chen, Ginger Pauley

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November 20th, 2006

DING! (8 min)
Winner, Best Ensemble, Best Screenplay, 2004 Best of L.A. 48 Hour Film Festival
Logline: In dating, sometimes you just gotta move on.
Director: Aaron Kisner
Writer: Chris Silber (NU)
Cast:  Julie Alexander (NU), Anthony Backman, G. Scott Brown, Jaci Denning, Kevin Fabian, Tara Flynn, Yuri Lowenthal, Ross Mackenzie, Johanna Mackay, Tara Platt, Andrea Ruth

Official Selection of the Hermosa Beach Short Film Festival, Temecula Valley Int’l Film and Music Fest, England’s Super Shorts Film Festival

Logline: Gas station attendants aren’t always helpful.
Director/Writer: Ross McNamara (NU)
Producer: Jake Szymanski (NU)
Cinematographer: Brent Sandrock (NU)
Cast: Chris Bruss (NU), Jake Szymanski (NU), Matt Houchin (NU), and Meisha Johnson

Official Selection of the LA International Shorts Festival 2006
Logline: A few friends play a game of poker to settle a score with an old acquaintance, but it all goes wrong when one player takes things too far and raises the stakes for everyone.
Director: Piotr Uzarowicz
Writer: April Wright (NU)
Editor: Philip Crippen (NU)
Cast: AJ Tesler (NU), Becky Boxer, Eric Clark, Taylor Hart

HOOKED (22 min)
Official Selection of the Aspen/HBO Comedy Fest, Beverly Hills Film Festival 2006, New Mexico Film Festival 2006, and Saint Louis Film Festival 2006
Logline: When the office loser wins the two best seats to the Academy Awards, his entire life is turned upside down as his co-workers, peers and celebrities vie to be his date.
Director/Writer: Richie Keen (NU)
Writer: Heath Corson (NU)
Cast: Matt Czuchry, Richie Keen (NU), Abigail Spencer, Ed Quinn, Whitney Cummings, and Jeff Garlin


Logline: When Larry's television dies after his wife leaves him, he sets out to find the one thing he can't live without... his TV.
Writer/Director/Producer: Dana Wilson (NU)
Producer: Chris Aagaard
Editor: Kristen Kolada (NU)
Visual Effects: Daniel Viney (NU)
Script Supervisor: Anna Christopher (NU)
Gaffer: JP Belliard (NU)
Cast: Mark Schrier, Gabrielle Christian, Dennis Kinard, Deane Madsen, Anne Moore, Bill McKinney, Evan Karagias, Necar Zadegan, Ryan Quintana

Logline: Two detectives, one doesn't want a partner, the other wants to make a name for himself. Over a trash talking pool game, they gain respect for one another and an understanding that no one works alone.
Writer/Director: Edward King III (NU)
Cast: Chris DiVecchio and Edward King III (NU)

BUBBLES (5 min)

Logline: A young mother attempts to teach her precocious daughter an
important lesson in life.
Writer/Director/Producer/Editor: Ana Zins
Co-Producer: April Wright (NU)
Cast: Naomi Grossman (NU), Kaylee Beth Dodson

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