Read + Watch Projects by NUEA West Members


  • Margot & Marie

  • Webseries by Margot Rubin

Watch the new comedy series, “Margot & Marie,” created by Margot Rubin (C07) and Marie Buck! Each episode is a minute long, featuring Margot & Marie, two quirky 20-somethings living in LA, and besties since 1997 (with the footage to prove it). Releasing new episodes every other Monday, so tune in for your Mondays with “Margot & Marie”!

  • 9-0-2-1-No

  • Sketch by Elizabeth Schmidt

Elizabeth Schmidt is an actress / writer whose recent film credits include “Every Secret Thing” and “Enough Said.” She recently died on “Criminal Minds,” has wiped up messes on a Bounty commercial, and co-created / starred in award-winning web series “Infinity Strategists.” “9-0-2-1-No” is a sketch set against the classy backdrop of the ’80s, featuring painfully awkward career misfortunes.


  • Dustin Pearlman

  • Cinematography Reel

Dustin Pearlman (RTVF ’04) is a Los Angeles based cinematographer who has shot all around the world for both new and old media alike. Yes, he owns a camera package. Yes, you should go to his website to watch clips and find out more.

  • Bryan Jewell

  • Acting Reel

Bryan Jewell is a proud Northwestern Wildcat (c/o 2013) who majored in R/TV/F and English Creative Writing (Creative Nonfiction). He originally hails from Houston, Texas. He’s excited to be in Los Angeles and the adventures that await. Go ‘Cats!

  • Matt Shore

  • Acting Reel

Matt Shore is an actor and writer living and working in Los Angeles. He is managed by Royalty Rope and is represented commercially by Venture IAB. Please visit Matt’s site for more footage, content and information. To contact Matt for acting and writing work, please e-mail him. You can also find him on Twitter.


  • thisiswhyims1ngle

  • Lindsay Gelfand & Allison Weintraub

Lindsay Gelfand (RTVF ’04) and Allison Weintraub (THEATRE ’04) recently launched a blog based on the actual (sometimes gut-wrenching, always hilarious) conversations they’ve had about dating in LA in their thirties.

  • Big Hair Network

  • Candy Kirby

Candy Kirby (Medill ’00), former TV writer for “The Bold and the Beautiful” and humorist for Nickelodeon’s, recently launched the comedy site Big Hair Network, lampooning celebrities, pop culture, chick stuff, news and everyday absurdity. Also accepting submissions from comedy writers in the form of short posts, funny charts and infographics, and original videos/sketches.

  • The Tragedy of King James the First

  • Michael Salomon

Michael Salomon (C09) is a playwright, screenwriter and author living in Los Angeles. Equal parts Shakespeare aficionado and rabid NBA fan, he composed this piece as a tribute to both great loves. The Tragedy of King James the First is a Shakespearean reimagining of LeBron James’ infamous 2010 departure from the Cleveland Cavaliers to the Miami Heat (also known as “The Decision”).


  • The Big Tickle

  • Brendan McNamara

Old-school comedy. New-school kids. The Big Tickle is a comedy album taking it’s inspiration from the hey-dey of the format and the likes of Nichols & May and Bob Newhart. Spanning worlds and characters from 40s Noir and a brother-sister, criminal-cop siamese twin duo to U.S. Border Patrol and two fatuous celebutantes, it’s two people making worlds of comedy with sound.


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