On Campus Northwestern's Film & TV Student Groups

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Studio 22 Productions

Studio 22 is Northwestern University’s student-run, not-for-profit, film production company. The Studio 22 board selects, develops, produces, and premieres 10-15 undergraduate student films each year with generous contributions by alumni and the School of Communication. In addition to making short films, Studio 22 serves the community by providing workshops on filmmaking as well as by bringing in industry professionals to help transition our filmmakers from the university setting to the professional world.

NSTV (Northwestern Sketch Television)

NSTV (Northwestern Sketch Television) is Northwestern University’s premier sketch comedy group. Comprised of over sixty students, we write, direct, shoot, edit, promote, and act in our very own sketches throughout the year. In addition to making content for the Internet and our annual premiere, NSTV throws two live comedy shows on campus, goes on field trips to comedy shows in Chicago, organizes educational comedy workshops/speaker events, and produces an annual video for Dance Marathon, Northwestern’s largest philanthropic organization.

NUWFA (Northwestern University Women Filmmakers Alliance)

The Northwestern University Women Filmmakers Alliance (NUWFA) is a student group dedicated to unifying, educating and promoting female filmmakers not only at Northwestern, but in the Chicago area as well. We promote the development of visual media created by women, aiding women filmmakers in production, and encouraging women’s involvement as leaders in the Radio/Television/Film community at Northwestern. Each year, we give a $1,500 grant to a short film project with a woman as the writer, director or producer. Along with the grant we host an annual Speakers Panel, drawing in industry professionals from the L.A., New York, and Chicago areas. Throughout the year we hold workshops that target different interests within the R/TV/F community.

Inspire Media

Inspire Media is a student-run organization that produces and funds socially conscious media, engaging topics on local, national, and international levels. Believing that all media platforms have the power to motivate and create social change, Inspire Media’s programming provokes discussion, engages audiences, and inspires action in the global community.


For over 22 years, Niteskool Productions has been an advocate for Northwestern student bands. Taking on the roles of booking agent, publicity, and video producers, Niteskool performs a myriad of activities for student bands and artists. We book shows, we throw parties, we make music videos for you and your band at Niteskool Productions.