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NUEA Programs

NUEA Writers Group

The NUEA Writers Group meets monthly to read and give notes on two member's feature and/or television scripts. We give honest, constructive feedback in a supportive environment. Our sole goal is to get our writers’ scripts as ready as possible before going out to the industry.

We've had members sell feature specs to studios and/or independent producers, a few who have written for television shows or had pilot deals, and numerous screenplay contest winners and finalists. In addition to script discussion, we often have industry guests visit the group, including producers, agents and produced writers.

If you would like more information about the NUEA Writers Group, please contact .

Script Reading Series

The NUEA Script Reading Series is a new program which has been well-received by the membership because it provides an opportunity for writers, actors, friends and colleagues to all interact in an informal setting. Selected scripts must have gone through the Writers Group so that they are at a certain level of 'polish' before being read. Then, actors are cast from NUEA headshot submissions. At the reading, the actors read the script, following by audience questions and comments for the writer.

It's a great opportunity for the writer to hear feedback, but also a great showcase for our NU actors. If you are interested in the Script Reading Series as a writer, please contact the writers group at .

If you are interested in casting, please submit your headshot, resume and personal contact information (please not your agency) to NUEA Script Reading Series, P.O. Box 691702 Los Angeles, CA 90069

Short Film Night
The NUEA hosts a short film night quarterly at the MBar in Hollywood. Filmmakers get a chance to show their work in public and mingle with other aspiring filmmakers in an informal setting.  Past short film nights have included traditional short films, documentaries, webisodes, spec television commercials, and music videos made by talented NU alumni.  The screening is followed by a Q&A. Friends and guests are welcome.  If you haven’t been to one of our short film nights before, please join us.  These events have been very popular with members who want to network and meet others who are making films.  

If you’re an NU filmmaker and if you have a short film, webisode, music video, short doc, spec tv commercial - anything short format - you would like to screen at an upcoming NUEA Short Film Night, please send an inquiry to [email protected] with the title, runtime and an additional information on your material.  

Industry Panels
Every quarter the NUEA hosts a panel of industry professionals discussing pertinent industry trends and issues in an informal setting. Panels are a great way to learn from experienced pros working in the trenches whether you're new to Hollywood or just looking to stay on top of the game.

Past panels have covered:

  • The Psychology of Success in Hollywood
  • The Revelation of Spider-Man 2 -Character, Story & Production in the Brave New Digital Computer World - at Sony Imageworks
  • Creating and Selling the Illusion (The Big Lie, Part 2)
  • Independent Filmmaking - The Festival Route
  • Heaven or Hell? - The Episodic World of Writing
  • Editor & Savior - Directing & Writing the Picture All Over Again
  • Master & Commander: The Hyphenate Life of Director-Producer-Writer
  • The Blame Game Ill - Tempered Actors, Irascible Writers, Dictatorial Directors, Pernicious Producers - Why Can't Everyone Just Get Along?
  • Film Tracks - Scoring a Collaboration

The Low Down with David Downs

Join NU professor David Downs as he conducts very personal one-on-one interviews with former students and other industry professionals about the ups and downs of their careers from college to Hollywood.

Past Low Downs have included Oscar-nominated writer JOHN LOGAN (The Aviator, Gladiator), television star and independent filmmaker ZACH BRAFF (Scrubs, Garden State), and actress LAURA INNES (ER).

Comedy Writers Room
The Comedy Writers Room is a break story group for half-hour TV comedy, that the NUEA hosts in conjunction with Columbia College's alumni network. The group mimics the “writer’s room” process of outlining to help members tighten structure, write first drafts more efficiently, and have more fun with their writing.

The primary focus is spec scripts. We will also tackle pilots but, for the sake of time, members pitching a pilot will are asked to bring in handouts with a logline, synopsis, and character breakdowns.

Members pitching bring in several story ideas that imply a first, second, and third act (or first and second for multi-camera). As a group, we choose an A story (and possibly B or B and C) and break the script into a workable outline. We take turns at the dry-erase board and on laptops so that the originator of the idea will leave with the outline on a CD or on their laptop ready to start his or her first draft.  

The group is limited to the outline process and does not read or critique scripts. Members are encouraged to exchange scripts among each other for peer review. To participate, writers must have a thorough understanding of half-hour script structure and are asked to submit a half-hour writing sample.  The group meets every three weeks on Sunday afternoons.

NUEA Peer Groups
Many argue that success in Hollywood is all about whom you know. Peer Groups are an excellent opportunity to meet other NUEA members in your field and seek advice from prominent professionals in the entertainment business. A Peer Group consists of about 8-12 NUEA members who share similar career interests in the entertainment industry. Each Peer Group meets with seasoned professionals in different disciplines – acting, producing, writing, directing, the business, etc.

Peer Groups are great for individuals who want guidance in getting started, making a career transition, or boosting their careers. Intended as an informal resource to share experiences, answer questions, provide guidance and perspective, the Peer Groups are a stimulating experience for all – Peer Group Leaders and participants alike.  

Once again we are happy to announce the start of another round of 13 exciting Peer Groups for 2010. This year Peer Group leaders range from a voiceover professional to a literary agent to a film composer to a reality TV writer and everything in between! 

You must be a NUEA member to participate in Peer Groups. For the low membership price of $30 not only do you get participation in one Peer Group for FREE – but all other NUEA perks such as panels, mixers, the Writers Group, Oscar Party and more! Click HERE to become a member.  

Each Peer Group has a limited number of spaces.  Peer Groups are filled on a first-come, first-serve basis, so sign up today!  When you sign up, make a commitment to attend all three sessions.  We have listed most of the times and locations for you to check your availability; any missing information will continue to be posted over the next few days. 


Once you have completed the sign-ups, please keep an eye on your inbox for an email confirming registration.  Registration ends on March 10, so make sure to get yours in ASAP!

Have any questions?  to contact Jackie.

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NUEA Writers Group
Script Reading Series
Short Film Night
Industry Panels
The Low Down with David Downs
NUEA Peer Groups
Comedy Writers Room

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