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NUEA Improv Fundraiser 2001 Slide Show  
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These are the pictures from the Improv Fundraiser on October 1, 2001 that couldn't fit into the December NUEA Newsletter. Enjoy!

gameshow.jpg mulroney_rosemont_heffner.jpg sullivan_manoux.jpg
The Gameshow skit hosted by Richard Kind Dermot Mulroney, Romy Rosemont, and Kyle Heffner Nicole Sullivan and J.P. Manoux
newburn_williams.jpg DanieleGaither.jpg sullivan.jpg
George Newbern and Kimberly Williams Daniele Gaither as a Tennessee Williams tragedy Nicole Sullivan gets friendly with the stool
ahillen_heller_chupack_barb.jpg benton_kaplan_eric.jpg sullivan_ungerleider_reich.jpg
Anita Hilllen, Heidi Heller, Cindy Chupack, and Barbara O'Keefe Kate Benton, Richard Kaplan, Eric Gilliand Nicole Sullivan, Ira Ungerleider and Andrew Reich
gersh_heller_TomVirtue.jpg gilliand_williams.jpg hache_laverne_ruckman.jpg
David Gersh, Heidi Heller, and Tom Virtue Eric Gilliand and Kimberly Williams The Organizers: Emily Hache, Laverne McKinnon, and David Ruckman
heller_zucker_-_chupak_-.jpg kaplan_hache_kind.jpg kind_and_friends.jpg
Heidi Heller, David Zucker, Avril Shaikewitz, Cindy Chupack, ? Richard Kaplan, Emily Hache, and Richard Kind yuk it up Richard Kind and Friends
laverne_swimmer_ruckman.jpg lehr_rosemont_dunno_newburn.jpg shenbaum_manoux_manoux.jpg
Laverne McKinnon, David Schwimmer, and David Ruckman John Lehr, Romy Rosemont, Stephen Root, and George Newbern Steve Shenbaum, J.P. Manoux, and Alfred Manoux

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