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NUEA 2004 : Continuity and Change  

In the summer issue of our quarterly newsletter, Temple Williams was interviewed by Toni Perling as he stepped into his role as Co-President of the NUEA West. At the time, his goal was to focus on the administration and free Laverne McKinnon for creative projects. So it is perfectly appropriate that we begin the New Year welcoming Temple back as Co-President. This time, Temple is the one seeking administrative support. Well, he is certainly going to get from Hank Chilton. Congratulations to Hank, our new Co-President! As Volunteer Coordinator last year, Hank did such an amazing job rounding up purple support that he has been roped into supporting the entire organization. Together our Co-Presidents are in an an excellent position to help us explore uncharted waters.

We have not heard the last word from Laverne McKinnon. After three extraordinary years of service, she just can’t get enough of the NUEA! We all can look forward to her continued involvement with the Writers Spec Workshop. Laverne, we love you and send out a heartfelt thanks for your continued dedication to our mission. Your creative spark, easy-going spirit, and endless commitment are sincerely appreciated.

The NUEA also wants to extend its gratitude to Rob Baumann for his service, and to April Wright and Lexie Weiss for stepping up! As Treasurer, Rob kept the books above the board and out of the red. He is relocating to the land of sun, casinos, and Elvis impersonators. We are absolutely sorry to see him go, but wish him best of luck in Las Vegas. April, who has been running the NUEA Writer’s Group with Steve Appel, has already proven to be an integral part of our board, and we are certain that she’ll only continue to be on top of things as our new Treasurer. Lexie did a bang-up job producing our Fall Improv Fundraiser (see related article). That’s why we are excited to report that she will be joining David Zucker as Co-Vice President of Events.

Additionally, two member/volunteers have joined the board – Hassan Arawas is our new Volunteer Coordinator and Tim Micsko is our new Events Co-Coordinator with Morgan Hawley. Look for both of them at upcoming events if you’re at all interested in helping out, or you can email Hassan at .

We are sorry to see our Newsletter Editor Toni Perling departing. Toni has been our Newsletter Editor since Volume 1, Issue 1, and a very active board member for many years. In our last member survey, the newsletter was deemed the #1 benefit of membership. Toni has provided excellent event coverage, member updates and interviewed industry insiders. She is signing off with her final interview for the newsletter with actor J. P. Manoux. Thank you, Toni, for your invaluable support.

The organization wishes to thank Monica Lee Copeland for agreeing to co-edit the newsletter under the eye of our new Co-President Hank Chilton, but our search for a replacement for Toni Perling as Editor continues. If you are interested in becoming the NUEA Newsletter Editor or would like to submit an article for publication, please email Hank or Temple Williams at . Of course, Justin Bradshaw will continue to maintain the newsletters layout and design. Justin's design company, Rhapsody is available for hire.

As you can see, leadership at the NUEA rises from the ranks. As much as we are positioned for growth and change, we do so mindful of our past. We are dedicated to providing our members with excellent events, networking opportunities and programming. 2004 is going to be another tremendous year!

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