Member News: 4/10/14

From Brian Patacca (C 98): After just returning from holding a Master Class in New York City with House Casting Director, Rebecca Yarsin, Brian is looking forward to Actor Salon expanding in New York.


NU alumni are also welcome to audit Actor Salon for free in New York and Los Angeles. 2014 Northwestern University theatre graduates are welcome to attend Master Class for free. For details visit or email .

From Sarah Zucker (C ’08): I’m writing to tell you about CAT CANYON, the children’s book I’m launching on Kickstarter today.

CAT CANYON is about a little girl, Nat, who gets lost on a tour with her family when she’s playing with her screen tablet, and discovers Cat Canyon, a futuristic society built by cats who figured out how to use the Internet. As she learns about all the advancements the cats have made, she sees that they too have become too distracted by their screens to pay attention to the world around them.


I have always wanted to write a children’s book, and I am so jazzed about this idea: It’s our aim to create a fun and colorful world, all while teaching a simple crucial lesson: our technology should lift us up, not hold us back. Don’t get so lost in your screen you forget to live your life!

I will be writing all the words (in rhyming verse, no less!), and my girlfriend Bronwyn will be doing the illustrations. She is wildly talented, and I think we are just the team to tackle this project.

If the book is successfully funded, we will be able to release it in a limited printing AND as an e-book in time for the 2014 Holiday Season.

You can view the project at, or by searching for “Cat Canyon” on Kickstarter.

From Taylor Barrett (WCAS ’12): I wanted to let you know that the web series I created with a fellow wildcat launched this past week! Caroline Goldfarb (C’12) and I wrote the show and made it with with a bunch of Northwestern graduates.

TINY NUTS is a nine-episode web series that follows two young women as they try to navigate the challenges of life after college graduation. In it, Caroline and I play fictionalized versions of ourselves. Northwestern gets a mention in the first episode!

It would be awesome if you could spread the word about the show. We are trying to break the internet with our nuttiness!

Here’s the link: . Hope you enjoy it!