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Q My info has changed. Where do I send my new/updated contact information?

A Please send it to: [email protected] with email/address/or contact change in the hearder.

Q I am an NUEA member, but at the last event I wasn't on the list?

A Membership is for the calendar year January thru December. You must renew each calendar year to remain on the member list. If you are certain you've renewed, but were not on the list at a recent event, please provide the date you paid, and whether the payment was via check or paypal to [email protected] so that we can track down your membership payment. If you realize you didn't renew for the current year, please JOIN NOW (button to join and link to membership forms and payment)

Q: Where do I send news about my show, my film, my award, something I want to promote?

A You must be a current NUEA member in order to send announcements via member news. If you are already a member, send your blurb to . If you're not already a member, please join the NUEA and then forward your blurb to us for inclusion in the next member news email. Member news comes out approximately 2-3 times a month.

Q How do I get the job listings?

A Job listings are sent out to current NUEA members who have signed up for the job list. To get on this list, contact [email protected] to be added. If you are not a member yet, please JOIN US.

Q I am a member of NUEA East, does that automatically make me a member of NUEA West?

A Right now NUEA West (Los Angeles) and NUEA East (New York) are functioning as separate alumni organizations. If you are bi-coastal and wish to be involved with events in NYC and LA, you would have to join both organizations.

Q What's the difference between the NU Club of LA and the NUEA?

A Both associations are comprised of NU alumni located in Los Angeles, but the NUEA is focused on people working in the entertainment industry. Our events, programs, panels, etc are all focused on helping each other with our careers in entertainment.

Q Can I still join the NUEA if I'm not yet established in the entertainment industry?

A Absolutely. Most people have day jobs while working on their career as a writer, actor, director or other entertainment field. The NUEA is a great place to further learn your craft and connect with others like yourself as well as more established alumni.

Q I signed up but I never get emails or hear about the events.

A Please send a follow up email to NUEA Membership including the email where you would like to receive notices to . Also, depending on your spam filter, please check to see this email address is on your list of contacts so our messages won't get sent to your trash folder.

Q I love attending the NUEA events, how can I get more involved with the organization?

A Volunteer! We always need a helping hand with check in and other duties at events, if you are interested in volunteering send an email to and put VOLUNTEER in the subject line. Leave us your name, interest, availability and contact info in the body of the email and our Volunteer Coordinator will contact you.

Q I'm an established professional, how can I give back to younger alums?

A The NUEA is not just for recent grads. We love having the involvement of more established alums as peer group leaders, panelists and potential advisory board members. If you would like to give back and share your knowledge and experience, email .

Have a Question?

Please send your question to .

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