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  About NUEA

The NUEA is an organization run by Northwestern Alumni who volunteer their time to create programs and events to benefit members in the Los Angeles area.

Our NU Entertainment Alliance has been very successful at helping to launch and sustain the careers of many NU alumni and has been used as the model for alumni organizations of other schools.

Programs and events are funded almost exclusively from member dues and annual fundraising events. We thrive only because of the ongoing involvement and participation of our members.

We need your help…Volunteer Today!
Attention NUEA! Volunteering is one of the easiest ways to get involved with the NUEA without the burden of a big time commitment! Send your email address to and we will add you to the ongoing and ever growing list of volunteers. Whenever we have an event where a few extra hands are needed you will be sent an email and hopefully you can help out. Volunteer for one event or for all of them, whatever fits in your schedule. Anytime a roommate, friend, family member or other non-NU person wants to volunteer with you that is encouraged as well. Think about it, you might be able to assist a celebrity guest in the green room before a 'Low Down' event or maybe even grab some water for high powered agent during a panel discussion.

Ask not what the NUEA can do for you, but what you can do for NUEA! (And you never know, you just might get some nice industry hookups along the way.)

2010 Board Members

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