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About the NUEA West

The NUEA West (Northwestern University Entertainment Alliance West) is a not-for-profit, volunteer-run alumni organization dedicated to NU graduates working in or looking to break into the entertainment industry in the Los Angeles area. Our goal is to help create a cohesive, supportive community of Northwestern alumni working in all sides of the entertainment industry.

The NUEA’s mission is to provide Northwestern alumni in the entertainment industry with opportunities to learn about the industry, network with other entertainment professionals, advance their careers, and promote their work. To that end, we offer year-round events, such as panels, mixers, script readings, short film showcases, casting director workshops, and our annual LA|NU Showcase for writers and actors. In addition, we also offer ongoing programming such as our Writers Group and Peer Groups to create communities where alumni can network and develop their skills.

Not in LA? Visit our sister chapter in New York, the NUEA East!

The NUEA West Board