Member News: 1/16/14

From Maxine Hupy (C11):

Happy New Year!!

This is it! The finale, my favorite and the MOST IMPORTANT Dance Showdown performance is here!

You may vote between now and next Monday, January 20th, at 1PM CST. We have been in first for nine weeks in a row! Please help keep us in first by voting, but only once every 30 seconds.

If you like you may forward to your friends and post on your social media. Thank you for all of your support in 2013…I am looking forward to an even more successful 2014!

Please help Andy Wolf (Speech ’94) win this contest!! He is being considered as the Director of a feature film — and needs your help! Please go to and click “Director” and then view Andy’s 5 videos, clicking “Like” on each one (you can watch them in order, too) — and please Share this with friends to help him get the most Likes he can, and get on the show. Thanks!!

Brian Patacca (C 98) is thrilled to announce that he has been invited by Northwestern University School of Communication to lecture this January. He will be teaching a life and career coaching course to actors on how to balance a successful life and acting career.

NU alumni are welcome to audit Actor Salon for free. For details visit or email To view Brian’s reel, click here.

Leelai Demoz (C90) produced the film DIFRET and is premiering at the Sundance Film Festival on Saturday, January, 18th. The film’s Executive Producer is Angelina Jolie. Get more information about the show here: